5 Best Affordable Web Hosting Service for Blogs

Affordable Web Hosting Companies
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Finding good and affordable web hosting companies for a blog can be difficult for beginners. There are so many options out there with some competitive prices. You have to be careful with your web hosting company though… trust me, if you make a bad choice, you will end up regretting. A very good example of one is a slow and unresponsive website. A slow loading website will not only scare away the visitors that come your way it can severely affect your search engine rankings and growing audience. Well, this is why we decided to carry out our own tests to find out the most affordable WordPress hosting service providers now on the market.

Affordable Web Hosting

However, the most important thing is not just getting affordable web hosting but finding web hosting that balances between affordable pricing and excellent hosting services. Some hosting service providers don’t give you what you pay for, so don’t just go for a cheap one but also a good one at an affordable price. This article will simply recommend the best of the best affordable web hosting companies out there.

All of our recommended web hosting companies below have good customer service, security, and mostly positive reviews (compared to other companies). Here are the 5 best web hosting service providers from our research:


Although the Namecheap Hosting is the same price as the Bluehost, I personally vouch that InMotion Hosting is the best. I recommend Namecheap because their service and support are exceptional. Also, their renewal rates are decidedly lower compared to others. Unlike others, you can host three websites on the basic plan. If you don’t like their service, you can ask for a full refund in 30 days. Another excellent reason I recommend InMotion is that they have an educative database where you can access tutorials, blog posts, and guides for every step.

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Bluehost is very popular and known for its cheap web hosting; it’s also another good choice for long term. Although their basic plan is a little less expensive or pretty much the same as InMotion hosting, their web servers are slow compared to InMotionHosting.

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HostGator is an excellent choice especially for cheap WordPress hosting, and their servers are speedy. Although their basic plans have renewal rates that are double the price of their initial signup rate, HostGator services make up for the price. HostGator is also ideal for startups and modest business that need to host a single website for their company.

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WPEngine is probably the one of the best web hosting companies out there but it comes at a premium price. WPEngine offers superior customer service, server speed, reliability, and great performance. Their hosting plans start around $35/month which is pricey for most users but you’ll get everything you ever need. The data proves that WPEngine provides reliable and high performance hosting solutions and electric fast hosting experience.

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The company that has web hosting that is 20x faster than the other budget web hosting companies. A2Hosting uses the latest technologies including SSL, SSD, and PHP. And of course this company also has affordable pricing, their basic plan starts at $3.92/month and its perfect for creating a single website that provides unlimited storage. Their most popular plan, the SWIFT plan starts at $4.90/month and allows for unlimited websites. And finally, their best plan is the $9.31/month TURBO plan.  Yes… their prices are weird.

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Affordable Web Hosting Companies