What are the Best Desktop Computers for 2020?

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In order to play the best PC games or create the best content, you’ll want to have the best desktop computer available.

For this, you need a crazy powerful, expensive PC, right?

Best Desktop Computers

Nope… although it’s always fun to look at the latest desktop PCs with the best configuration options.

All the high-end desktop computers listed below have the best NVIDIA graphics card, an Intel i7 quad-core processor, 16GB of RAM, multiple ports, and the latest Bluetooth.

These desktop computers can probably handle any task that you throw at it.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Ultimate Desktop Computer

Gaming on the PC has always been about massive amounts of processing power. Every PC gamer knows that having a powerful processor is a must in order to play the best PC game, stream to Twitch, and watch Dragonball Super simultaneously. High-end gaming PCs should be able to handle everything while maintaining optimal frame rates.

The Lenovo IdeaCentre gaming Y900 desktop is packing a Core i7-6700K with a GTX 1080 graphics card and a 1TB HDD. This is definitely the ultimate PC for gamers that are fans of Lenovo.

MSI VR Ready Gaming Desktop Computer

The MSI VR Ready Vortex G65VR SLI-091 PC is a monster gaming PC that was created for the gamer that really wants to take his gaming to a much more serious level. It has an i7 6700K processor with a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card that provides an incredible gaming experience at the highest framerates even with the most demanding games.

You can expect this computer to be perfect for all of your game playing, recording, development and multitasking needs. Very few computers can be as responsive and powerful for all gaming needs as the MSI VR Ready Vortex.

CybertronPC Titanium Gaming Computer

CybertronPC Titanium - Best High End Ultimate PC

This is what an ultimate PC looks like, a powerful set of features, you know you are dealing with a high-end powerhouse that is going to provide the most reliable results.

The liquid-cooled Intel i7 7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor is definitely the kind of processing power that will allow you to run the latest video games at a smooth 60 FPS and incredibly sharp HD visuals with no aliasing issues and no frame rate drops.

You are going to love the results that you get from this ultimate PC and the GTX 1080 graphics card will enhance the processing power to new heights.

Cyberpower PC Gamer Desktop Computer

CybertronPC Gamer Panzer - Best High End Ultimate PC

There are many powerful computers that have the required hardware to play the latest video games and perform at the highest levels with multitasking.

The one thing that makes the Cyberpower PC difference is that it comes with a slick visual enhancement that perfectly complements the hardware power. The i7 4.2GHz processor is an incredibly reliable choice that is able to handle any game without hiccups.

The outstanding power of the GTX 1080 graphics card is also a huge boost in performance and visuals. The Cyberpower Gamer Panzer is a great gaming investment for anyone looking for a reliable ultimate PC.


There are a few newer gamers still thinking about what PC to buy… the answer will always be the same for serious gamers.

You must build your own PC as you will save money and feel some awesome type of way knowing that you created a custom gaming machine.

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