Best Drawing Tablet For Beginners

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro X
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Based on the tablet form factor alone, the 2 best drawing tablets for beginners are from Apple and Microsoft.

After reading hundreds of reviews, we believe that these two giants have done a great job with their tablets and touchscreen devices.

Apple iPad Series

The new iPad and iPad Pro are the best tablets for drawing. The iPad models are powerful computing beasts that make digital drawing fun. The new iPad can still compete with the MacBook Pro and has a battery that lasts all day. There are dozens of useful drawing apps available for this tablet. This tablet now feels more like a regular Mac with every major update.

Microsoft Surface Series

If you need something powerful in a small form then the new Surface models are the best Windows-based tablets. The Surface Pro is able to do everything the other tablets can do and more. If you need an app for a very specific task, then it’s highly likely that there is a program that can be downloaded to get the job done. The base Surface Pro can be purchased for a reasonable price.


The tablet game has changed and the other tablets simply failed. In our opinion, the iPad and Surface Pro are the best drawing tablets for beginners.

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