4 Best Tablets for Everyday Users & Some Power Users

Best 4 Tablets To Use
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The 4 best tablets available are from Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. The four giants of the tablet industry. After reading hundreds of user reviews online, I agree with these users that believe the tablets below are the best tablets available.

Microsoft Surface Pro

If you need something powerful in a small form then the new Surface Pro is probably the best tablet for you as it has Windows, just like a desktop. The Surface Pro is able to do everything the other tablets can do and more. If you need an app for a very specific task, then it’s highly likely that there is a program that can be downloaded to get the job done. The base Surface Pro can be purchased for reasonable price.

Apple iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is the best tablet for iOS users. This iPad Pro is a powerful computing beast. It currently outperforms the latest MacBook Pro and has a battery that lasts all day. There are millions of useful apps available for this tablet. And with more developers creating iPad Pro specific apps, this tablet now feels more a regular Mac with every major update. The base 12.9-inch iPad Pro seems to be more popular than the 10.5-inch version.

Google Pixel C

The Google Pixel C is the best tablet for anyone wanting a fast, powerful and reliable Android tablet. The Pixel C battery lasts all day and it has all of the features you’ll need to be creative, productive and stream your favorite online shows.

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a great tablet that is cheap, powerful but often ignored. The lack of great apps is usually a turn off for most people, followed by Amazon’s 1st party apps like Prime Video and Music aren’t Kindle exclusive. The price of the Kindle is unbeatable.

Please note that at the time of this opinion article, the 4 best tablets for regular and power users were the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Apple iPad Pro 2nd Generation, Google Pixel C 1st Generation, and Amazon Kindle 7th Generation. It’s best to check the official sites if you’re after the latest because these companies are updating hardware faster than ever these days.