4 Best Floor Speakers For Home & Office

3 Best Floor Speakers
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These awesome home floor speakers all have more than a 95% positive rating on Amazon.

Polk 60 Series II

Most people just want floor speakers without the premium cost. These speakers are about $100. The Polk 60 Series II is one of those speakers that provide an amazing experience for all kinds of entertainment purposes. It has very powerful dynamic composite balance. The Polk 60 Series II has some design tweaks that make the resonance and vibration extremely tight and the result is very high-quality sound. You won’t find any other speaker at this price range that offers such a high level of amplification. This is as good as it gets for an affordable floor speaker.

SVS Ultra

When you are looking for sound quality, you want affordability that is also able to pack a powerful punch. The SVS Ultra offers a 3-way speaker system that uses the most efficient materials in order to provide a powerful and clear sound experience. These speakers are designed for room listening purposes and the frequency response is truly outstanding. This is perfect for your personal enjoyment and it can also be great for sports events when you invite friends and family over. Fans of the SVS Ultra agree that this floor speaker gives more for less and provides an extremely enjoyable experience without distorted sounds. The SVS Ultra floor speakers cost around $1000.

Klipsch RP-280F

When you look for good floor speakers for entertainment purposes, you want to be able to get high fidelity and smooth sounds even when you crank up the volume. Klipsch RP-280F floor speakers deliver reliable sound quality for a very reasonable cost. The build of the speaker is truly a work of art with a unique and elegant look that is only matched by the quality of the sound it provides. It uses a circular horn method that will provide an extremely high-quality sound. Distortion is also minimized thanks to the quality build that controls vibration levels efficiently. The Klipsch RP-280F home floor speakers are about $1,200.

NHT Series C-4

Imagine the most powerful sound and elegant look for a speaker and throw in durability and very clear sound. That is exactly what you get when you purchase NHT Series C-4 floor speakers. The enclosure for these speakers is very small and this makes it look quite compact. The structure and materials that have been used for these speakers turn them into the most viable option for anyone that wants clear and loud. This is the ultimate speaker for those who want to enhance their home entertainment system.