Based on the number of positive reviews online, these are the 3 best wearables on the market right now.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch is a great smartwatch to have if you’re looking for a wearable device to compliment your iPhone. The latest Apple Watch has solved many of the complaints of the original by adding GPS, waterproofing and longer battery life. This smartwatch is awesome for tracking physical activity, reading notifications, and listening to music. For people that workout and take their phones with them, the Series 1 & 2 are still great watches to own. The software is constantly being updated and the battery is decent; just remember that the Series 1 does not have GPS. If you want to get on the Apple Watch bandwagon but don’t want to get the Series 3, as it costs around $400, then check on deal sites such as Slickdeals for discounts on the Series 1 & 2 models.

Update: The best Apple Watch is currently the Series 3 smartwatch. It improves on everything from the Series 2. The biggest difference between the Series 2 and Series 3 smartwatch is that the Apple Watch Series 3 has an LTE model that is able to make and receive calls without being connected to an iPhone.

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei has another product that is getting good reviews. The Huawei Watch 2 has a look that is sporty with a dash of class. This smartwatch packs 4G connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. I haven’t tried it personally because I’m satisfied with my Series 2 watch. However, the number of positive reviews online is more than enough proof to say this is one of the best wearables in 2017. Competition is going to make the next generation of smartwatches take a huge leap in terms of innovation.

Fossil Q Marshal

Finally, Fossil has entered the smartwatch industry, I’ve always been a supporter of Fossil. The Fossil Q Marshal is one of the best wearables for fans of classy looking watches and Android. It offers decent battery life, display notifications, built-in fitness tracking, music control and other convenient features. The Q Marshal is competitively priced and can be your introduction to smartwatches.

Please note that at the time of this article, the newest wearables were the Apple Watch series 2, Fossil Q Gen 2, and the Huewai Watch 2. It’s best to check the official sites if you’re after the latest because these companies are updating hardware faster than ever these days.